Bee Ellis

Seattle based software engineer knowledgeable in JavaScript, Haskell, Dart, Ruby, React, Apollo, and GraphQL

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My defining trait is my love for acquiring new knowledge...

This passion led me to teach myself Visual Basic in middle school and I've used programming as an outlet for creative expression ever since.

While in college, in between my classes, I taught myself Python, effectively fueling my passion for software engineering. My study of Philosophy only drove me further into programming, which gave me a concrete place to exercise the formal logic I was learning in the classroom.

Because of my drive and passion for learning, I know that I will hit the ground running and truly flourish in any software engineering role.



Technologies I Love


Utilizing an abundance of modern syntax
including fat arrow function and ES6 import Syntax


After falling in love with functional programing through React, learning a true functional language was the obvious next step.


Dart has been one of my favorite languages to tinker with recently with its strict type system that makes debugging a breeze

Ruby / Rails

Allows for ultra fast app development


Simplifies building full-stack web-apps

React / React hooks

In order to build interactive modern web-pages

Redux and Apollo

For engineering modern, data-driven web-applications


Greatly simplifies the implementation and updating of styling

MongoDB, and GraphQL

A front-end gets lonely without a database (unless your app is serverless, thats cool too)


Recent Projects

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